Teaching Online Essentials

Teaching Online Essentials

By Michelle Estes, EdD, ET, ABD Director of Professional Learning at Paradigm Education Solutions

Five Ways the Cloud Is Changing Education

Five Ways the Cloud Is Changing Education

By Michelle Estes, EdD, ET, ABD
Director of Professional Learning at Paradigm Education Solutions

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Selects Paradigm Education Solutions’ Courseware to Support Inmate Education

ST. PAUL, Minn. (June 13, 2018) -- Paradigm Education Solutions, one of the nation’s leading providers of digital literacy learning solutions, is pleased to announce that the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has adopted its courseware to help thousands of incarcerated individuals statewide become highly proficient using Microsoft® Office applications—a key competency for achieving employment in today’s labor market.

See How Keyboarding Proficiency Brings Value to Learners

In today’s digital world, many employers expect strong keyboarding skills as part of a prospective employee’s basic skillset. According to TopTenReviews.com, employees are expected to be capable of typing an average of 65 words per minute (WPM).

Teaching Computer Applications to First-Year Students—The First Class

By Denise Seguin Students arriving at campus this fall have grown up with the Internet and a smartphone as part of their daily life. For most, using a computer began as a young child. Because of this prior technology experience some students arrive at the first computer applications class feeling that the course will not benefit their career path.

What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You?

By Denise Seguin With the holiday season in full swing, people are socializing more with friends and colleagues and sharing stories, videos, and photos on social media. At this festive time of year, everyone should have some fun and enjoy the respite from work and school. But, let’s also take a moment to educate students about how the content they decide to put on the Internet leaves a trail.

Potential Barriers with Open Education Resources

As educators in the classroom or behind the scenes in courseware development, we all want students to have access to higher education, including the resources needed to succeed. Open books are now being used in 2,500 U.S. courses in the 2015—2016 academic year. These open education resources (OERs) include the availabil­ity of open licensing and the ability to reuse and remix content. As awareness of OERs spreads, we need to be conscious of the barriers they may present. For example:

STEM, EdTech, and Your Students' Success

There is a growing demand for a focus on education technology in schools. According to graphite.org, 96% of educators believe that edtech increases student engagement in learning. Even though the desire is there, we know time, access, and money limit an educator’s ability to use technology tools. Yet, technology impacts our daily lives and students need digital literacy skills to be successful in the ever-changing, technology-driven world. As the job market becomes more competitive, having these skills taught in the classroom will increase students’ success, making them work ready!

Suggestions for Success in the 2016-2017 Academic Year

I just saw my first back to school picture posted on Facebook! It’s only the second week of August— where did the summer go? Did you cross off the books on your reading list? Did you get a vacation in? Now that it’s time to start getting in gear for the 2016–2017 academic year, what do you need to do to get ready? How will you be successful this year, and how will your students succeed? It’s tough making the transition from summer to school year, so here are some suggestions for success to implement with your students, courses, and courseware.