Upcoming Webinar for Accounting Instructors

Looking for ways to improve student engagement and results in your accounting course? Then join us for an upcoming webinar with Kari Cooper of AME Learning. We’ll show you how the AME EngageTM learning environment incentivizes pre-class work to help students learn accounting concepts. We’ll also discuss how this approach can give you more time during lectures to demystify difficult concepts.

Essential Administration Skills for Career Success

scc-102small-2 Posted by Lynda Ernst Administrative professionals work in many industries from health, legal to technology, and they hold different responsibilities within each field. Besides the differences, most administrative professionals share a similar set of basic office skills in order to maintain a successful career.

Working Efficiently with Additional Email Skills

According to a late 2014 survey conducted by the Pew Research Internet and American Life Project, 61% of American workers say that email is “very important” in doing their jobs. However, many don’t utilize all the available email features which ultimately can make their job easier. Below is a list of email tips one can use to become more efficient at work and at home: