Certification matters.

Studies show that professionals obtaining digital skills and software certifications can:

  • advance their careers
  • make more money
  • market a recognized level of competency

For students, certification results can provide evidence they possess the digital skills required for many of today’s jobs.

We can put your students on a path to certification.

We have partnered with Isograd, an internationally-recognized assessment and certification provider of Microsoft application digital literacy skills. Together, we offer your students a cost-effective and accessible means to the internationally-recognized TOSA® (Test on Software Applications) certification.

TOSA is the only standard to assess and certify proficiency with a score that measures proficiency levels from beginner to expert.

TOSA certifications are adaptive and quantify exactly what a student knows. Instead of simple pass or fail exams, TOSA provides a ranking level and a score from 1 to 1,000 to clearly identify the student’s true level of proficiency.

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Cirrus and TOSA work together.

Within the Cirrus learning environment, we provide students real-world opportunities to build and test their digital literacy skills though exercises, projects, and assessments.

Unlike with simulations, Cirrus and TOSA pre- and post- assessments offer students a unique integrated learning solution, helping them develop skills mastery and preparing them for certification.

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Cirrus and TOSA give your students the opportunity to learn essential digital literacy skills and take an internationally-recognized certification exam.

Your students will:

  1. Take a TOSA pre-assessment to evaluate digital skills competencies.
  2. Consume auto-graded, instructional content in Cirrus.
  3. Complete a TOSA post-assessment to test their comprehension.
  4. Take the TOSA certification exam.


Cirrus and TOSA certification courseware includes:

  • Cirrus for digital literacy
  • TOSA pre- and post-assessments
  • An eVoucher to take the TOSA certification exam
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