Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique,
Second Edition

About the Courseware

Author: Lisa McCartney

Available January 2020!

Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique, Second Edition, combines the concepts foundation of a textbook with the skills practice of a training manual. This comprehensive courseware provides step-by-step instruction in sterile compounding and aseptic technique, or the aseptic preparation of sterile parenteral products. All sterile compounding procedures in this courseware are fully compliant with the revised USP Chapter <797> and the new USP Chapter <800>.

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Table of Contents

Unit 1. Exploring the Basics of Sterile Compounding
1. Sterile Compounding History and Personnel
2. Quality Assurance, Law, and Ethics
3. The Sterile Compounding Environment
4. Sterile Compounding Supplies
5. Medication Orders and Labeling
6. Calculations for Sterile Compounding

Unit 2. Compounding Sterile Preparations
7. Aseptic Garbing, Hand Washing, and Gloving
8. Cleaning the Horizontal Laminar Airflow Hood
9. Large-Volume Parenteral Preparations
10. Small-Volume Parenteral Preparations
11. Ampule-Based Preparations
12. Narcotic Preparations
13. Pediatric Preparations
14. Parenteral Nutrition Preparation
15. Parenteral Hazardous Drug Preparation

Appendix A. Student Answer Keys for Concepts Self-Check
Appendix B. Useful Reference Tables
Appendix C. Resources for Chemotherapy Compounding
Appendix D. Process Validation Checklists

Courseware Features

  • Content written by a premier expert in the field of sterile compounding and aseptic technique.
  • Instructional approach that provides students with a historical and real-world context for learning.
  • Content organized sequentially by rigor.
  • Option for students, instructors, and pharmacy personnel to earn IV certification.
New to this edition

New to This Edition

  • The web-based Navigator+ learning platform to assemble all student and instructor resources in one easy-access location.
  • Concepts and training aligned with the revised USP Chapter <797>, the new USP Chapter <800>, and ASHP’s Model Curriculum for Pharmacy Education and Training Programs, Fourth Edition.


About Navigator+

The Navigator+ learning management system that accompanies this courseware offers a rich environment for students to master chapter content through engaging online activities, resources, and study tools. Instructors can access students’ work, track progress, and download results using this time-saving system.

Student resources
  • Training videos for procedural labs
  • Activities
  • Assessments
  • Flash cards
  • Audio glossary
  • Critical-thinking scenarios


Instructor Support

A suite of tools and information in Navigator+ helps instructors easily and effectively build and manage their courses.