Paradigm has partnered with Isograd to offer complete certification course solutions for Microsoft Applications.

Isograd provides TOSA, the internationally recognized standard in digital skills assessment and certification. TOSA covers desktop applications, digital skills, and programming languages.

Isograd's unique and innovative technology is used by more than 5,000 universities and companies in more than 30 countries.

Paradigm has partnered with panOpen to provide more affordable and accessible learning solutions for courses on anatomy and physiology and introduction to sociology.

panOpen is a platform that enables mainstream institutional adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) as an alternative to commercial textbooks.

Designed by educators, panOpen offers complete peer-reviewed content, customization tools, assessments, analytics, learning management system integration, and a means of financially sustaining campus-based OER efforts. With panOpen, faculty adopt enhanced interactive, OER as they would a commercial textbook, with confidence in the quality and reliability of the content.