Managerial Accounting Principles,
Third Edition

About the Courseware

Copyright: 2019

Managerial Accounting Principles frames the study of managerial accounting in a highly practical, fully integrated and interactive learning experience. Concepts are first introduced in the context of typical student experiences and are then applied to real business situations. In addition to the traditional use of manufacturing businesses, we also use service, retail, and technology examples extensively throughout the content to reflect the realities of today’s economy. This approach has led to a significant improvement in engagement and grades, combined with a significant reduction in drop-outs and failures.

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Table of contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Principles of Managerial Accounting
Chapter 2: An Overview of Costing Methods
Chapter 3: Job-Order Costing
Chapter 4: Process Costing
Chapter 5: Activity-Based Costing
Chapter 6: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Chapter 7: Costing and Pricing Strategies
Chapter 8: Segment Reporting and Transfer Pricing
Chapter 9: Master Budget
Chapter 10: Variance Analysis and Standard Costing
Chapter 11: Relevant Cost and Decision Making
Chapter 12: Capital Budgeting
Chapter 13: Balanced Scorecard
Chapter 14: Just-In-Time and Quality Management
Chapter 15: The Cash Flow Statement
Chapter 16: Financial Statement Analysis

About AME EngageTM

The AME Learning Cycle is a strategic learning method that puts a unique focus on pre and post-class interactive tutorials. These tutorials offer fully incentivized, tracked, and active student engagement, driving the core of our industry-leading levels of retention, engagement, and success.

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AME Engage features
  • The Accounting MapTM provides students a digital and highly visual interactive balance sheet and income statement for powerful and practical transactional learning.
  • HomeworkHubTM manages and tracks all student assignments, tests and quizzes, along with learning progression and success.
  • Interactive Pre-Class Tutorials offer engaging visual tutorials with the Accounting Map™.
  • Digital textbook and a workbook quickly jump to homework-related questions and subject matter.
  • Question Library provides a full database of static and algorithmic questions tied to chapter outcomes.
  • Guided Response Feedback allows students to see system-generated, instructional feedback for incorrect answers.


Instructor Resources

The AME AssistantTM acts as a teaching assistant, helping create and curate a course and its materials. The AME Assistant™ gives more free time to focus on what matters most: students.

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  • Exam Builder allows instructors to build exams and tests, and also provides system built exams and tests.
  • Course Designer provides opportunities to plan a semester.
  • Course Builder offers expert assistance in building what you need.
  • AME Trainer provides full one-to-one training on the entire AME Learning system, ensuring our instructors are prepared for the classroom on day one.
  • PowerPointTM Library assists to focus-in on key lesson objectives.