Unchecked Document Activities


Unchecked document activities provide the student with a blank Microsoft Word 2016 document and require the student to compose the text that is not intended to match a model answer or be checked or graded by the Online Lab.

All Student Attempts can be viewed from View Submissions Report.

Click here to see how to launch an activity.

To complete an Unchecked Document Activity

STEP 1: Read the directions on the screen. Note the page number and read the directions in the text. Click the Launch Activity button when you are ready to begin the document activity.

STEP 2: The document will load. Following the directions in the text, begin keying.

STEP 3: When you are finished, click the Upload button on the right pane. The document will be uploaded into the system for Instructor review.

STEP 4: Click the Next button in the upper-right corner of the application to move on to the next activity, or review the Navigating Activities page.


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