Checked Document Activities


Checked document activities provide a Microsoft Word 2016 document and require keying of formatted text located in the textbook. The textbook page number for the activity text is referenced in the directions. Timing begins with the first keystroke. Care should be taken to produce an exact replica of the reference document, including styles, fonts, and formatting.

Click here to see how to launch an activity.

To Complete a Checked Document Activity:

STEP 1: Read the directions at the top of the screen and note the page number in the text. When you are ready to being, click the Launch Activity button in the center of the screen. 

STEP 2: The document will load. Begin keying when you are ready.

STEP 3: When you are finished keying the document, click the Check button on the right pane to submit the document for grading.

STEP 4: You will be prompted with a message that states By clicking Check, you are sending a WPM score and error count that will go in your Document Performance report and Grade Book. Are you sure you want to do this now? Click OK.

You will only be prompted with this message the first time you submit each Document Activity because only the first attempt is graded.

STEP 5: The file will begin to upload to the Keyboarding server. The Results button will show the progress of the upload and grading process.

A WPM score will show at the bottom-right corner of the screen immediately after the upload and grading process has begun.

STEP 6: When the upload and grading process is complete, an Errors count will be shown below the WPM score. These two values are sent to the Document Performance Report.

STEP 7: View the Submitted Document by clicking the Submitted button on the right pane. The Submitted Document is the unaltered document that you submitted for scoring.

STEP 8: View the Results Document by clicking the Results button on the right pane. The Results Document is the scored document. All text that was typed or formatted incorrectly is noted with a vertical line on the left margin of the page. All typos are noted with red strike-through text.

STEP 9: To show both the Submitted Document and the Results Document together at the same time, click the Show Both button on the right pane.

STEP 10: If errors are reported, view the Results Document, correct the errors in the Submitted Document, save the document, and then click the Check button again.

STEP 11: Multiple graded attempts may be scheduled by your instructor. If multiple graded attempts are scheduled you will see a button to the right of your launched activity for your New Graded Attempt.

Multiple graded assessments

 By default, only the first attempt of an assignment will be graded. If multiple graded attempts are scheduled please check with your instructor to see how your activity is being graded.

STEP 12: Click the Next button in the upper-right corner of the application to move on to the next activity, or review the Navigating Activities page.


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