JIST Gateway provides a virtual, customizable career center that equips individuals with the tools and information needed to achieve employment and succeed in today’s world of work. The system’s assessments, videos, and content help individuals:

  • explore career interests.
  • learn how to navigate the job search effectively.
  • understand the importance of soft skills.
  • develop fundamental financial literacy and life skills.

With JIST Gateway, professionals and educators can:

  • Save time while delivering highly effective career guidance.
  • Access real-time reporting on client or student activity.
  • Gain flexibility to serve and advise individuals on-site or online.
  • Use a suite of customizable tools to tailor guidance to individual client or student needs.
  • Receive implementation training and 24/7/365 technical support.

Collect data.

JIST Gateway provides advanced, real-time reporting functionality that offers administrators touchpoints for tracking every client or student interaction.

The system provides:

  • Better insight into clients’ or students’ activities and needs—helpful for customizing individual employment plans.
  • Exportable data for demonstrating service delivery and fulfillment of program requirements.
  • Information that supports staff collaboration and transitions.
  • Time-saving measures to accelerate the timeline of client service delivery.

Control and customize content.

JIST Gateway’s suite of assessments, videos, and content can be tailored to the needs of a variety of populations, including students, adult job seekers, and incarcerated individuals.

Administrators have full autonomy over instructional content with assessment measures to evaluate client or student understanding.

JIST Gateway offers:

  • Content written at an eighth-grade reading level.
  • Resources for special needs and ESL individuals.
  • Contemporary videos and picture-based tools for visual learners.
  • A streamlined online environment that eliminates ads and distractions—no installations required.

Create individualized plans.

Professionals and educators advising clients or students can leverage JIST Gateway to create individualized employment plans and deliver tools that address the objectives of those plans.

The system provides:

  • Periodic triggers that prompt individuals to self-reflect and take action without waiting for another person’s advisement about what to do next.
  • Insight on clients’ or students’ goals, priorities, and experiences.
  • Information about clients’ or students” barriers and education or training needs.
  • Instructional content on numerous career development and life skills topics.