About the Courseware

Pages: 544 | Copyright: 2017

Authors: Anita Verno, Bergen Community College; Jan Marrelli; and Nancy Muir

Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2016 teaches the essentials of Office 2016 for personal, academic, and business use. Its clear, easy-to-follow instruction offers quick tips for potential trouble spots with minimal reading and maximum visuals.

Table of Contents

Unit 1. Your Digital Toolkit

  1. Computing Essentials
  2. Getting Started
  3. Outlook

Unit 2. Office Suite

Unit 3. Word

  1. Creating Documents
  2. Using Formatting and References
  3. Working with Tables and Objects
  4. Reviewing and Sharing Documents

Unit 4. Excel

  1. Creating an Excel Workbook
  2. Working with Formulas and Functions
  3. Formatting Cells
  4. Working with Charts

Unit 5. Access

  1. Working with Databases
  2. Creating Forms and Tables
  3. Working with Queries and Reports

Unit 6. PowerPoint

  1. Creating a Presentation
  2. Customizing a Slide Show
  3. Adding Visual Elements and Sound
  4. Completing, Running, and Sharing Your Show

Unit 7. Integrating Office Applications


Courseware Features

  • Two- and four-page skill activities list the steps on one page and display large illustrations of the steps on the other.
  • Numbered steps and screen captures provide instant reinforcement to help students learn each skill quickly and easily.
  • Tutorials guide students through the steps for the skills and then allow them to practice on their own.
  • Shortcut features provide keyboard shortcuts for accomplishing the steps.
  • Skills videos demonstrate every skill— available in the student eBook.
  • Another Way provides alternative methods for performing steps.
  • Taking it Further boxes describe new and interesting features related to those covered in the skill, often including instructions for students exploring those features on their own.


About SNAP 2016

SNAP is a web-based training and assessment platform that accelerates student success in Microsoft Office. Students get real-world experience working directly in the Microsoft software and instructors get a suite of powerful tools at their fingertips. Through real-time analytics, instructors get instant performance insight on their students’ work, and students can identify their challenges to define their own individual learning paths to success.

  • Precheck quizzes test students’ knowledge of the chapter content before they study the material. Students can use the results to help focus their study on the skills they need to learn.
  • Tutorials guide students through the steps for the skills and then allow them to practice on their own. These interactive tutorials include simple instructions and optional help.
  • Preview images show how students’ file should look when they have completed each chapter, skill, review exercise, or assessment.
  • Recheck quizzes at the end of each chapter enable students to recheck their understanding of the chapter content.
  • The Workbook ebook provides study resources (such as presentations with audio support, Study Notes, and Tips & Hints), review exercises, and assessments to help reinforce students’ understanding of the concepts, features, and skills covered in the textbook.

Instructor Support

A suite of tools and information in SNAP 2016 and in Instructor eResources eBook packages help instructors easily and effectively build and manage their courses.

  • Answer keys, grading rubrics, and model answer for evaluating responses to chapter skills, review exercises, and assessments
  • Supplemental assessments that can be assigned for additional work on the four major applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint)
  • Lesson blueprints with teaching hints
  • Discussion questions
  • Syllabus suggestions and course planning resources
  • Chapter-based PowerPoint presentations with lecture notes
  • Chapter-based quizzes and exams