Career Readiness & Externships

Soft Skills & Professionalism for Pharmacy Technicians

About the Courseware

Coming 2020!

Authors: Mark Brunton, MSHE, CPhT, CSPT; Ann Cross; and Martha Lanaghen

Pharmacy managers expect more than academic knowledge and technical expertise in their newly hired pharmacy technicians. Managers want technicians who can also demonstrate career-readiness skills and soft skills in the workplace. These skills include effective communication and collaboration with others, critical thinking and problem solving, ethical decision making, professional behavior, cultural competency, and time management.

You can prepare your students to meet these expectations with Paradigm’s new courseware, Career Readiness & Externships: Soft Skills for Pharmacy Technicians. This unique modular program develops students’ soft skills through core content, pharmacy-specific examples, critical thinking and self-reflection exercises, and online activities. Your students will learn how to improve their professional presence with practice tips and advice from seasoned pharmacy professionals.

The courseware also provides students with career preparation guidance, such as navigating an externship, writing a resume, assembling a career portfolio, preparing for interviews, and establishing a career path.

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Table of contents

This modular courseware offers instructors the flexibility to teach the content as part of a stand-alone course, as an externship preparation course, or as assigned modules placed in multiple courses.

Module 1: Time Management

Module 2: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Module 3: Professional Appearance

Module 4: Professional Behavior

Module 5: Professional Communications

Module 6: Multicultural Awareness & Cultural Competency

Module 7: Law & Ethics in the Workplace

Module 8: Externship Preparation & Practice

Module 9: Career Readiness, Planning, & Management


Courseware Features

  • Provides online activities that could be expanded and applied toward simulation hours.
  • Aligns with career-readiness competencies outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).
  • Aligns with the corresponding objectives in the updated ASHP Standards.
  • Delivers the student eBook, online course content, and activities through Navigator+, a learning management system that supports Paradigm’s pharmacy technician courseware. This complete course content may also be delivered through your preferred learning management system, including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Moodle.

Comprehensive Support for Externship Participants

To ensure the externship experience is successful for students, preceptors, host facilities, and institutional programs, the courseware provides online resources to support all externship participants.

  • Resources for students include a list of student expectations, an externship contract template, an externship skills checklist, an externship and preceptor feedback form, practice advice, and more!
  • Resources for instructors include lists of preceptor/facility benefits (to share with preceptor candidates), a preceptor and site qualifications checklist, a preceptor contract template, advice from other instructors, an institutional feedback form, a student recommendation form, and more!
  • Resources for preceptors include preceptor tips, an externship skills checklist, student feedback forms, and more!

Instructor Support

Delivered through the Navigator+ learning management system, the Instructor eResources include lesson plans, class notes and lab activities, Apply the Skills exercises, assignments, assessments, PowerPoint presentations, a certificate of achievement, and the eToolkits that contain a collection of time-saving externship resources!