Getting Started with Windows® 10 and Microsoft® Edge

Copyright: 2020

Authors Faithe Wempen and Lisa A. Bucki

Courseware based on Office Online and Office 365 features

This courseware uses a simple, visual approach to teach the necessary skills for using the Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Edge web browser, plus OneDrive and OneNote. It also introduces Microsoft Office applications, tools for creating screenshots, and the Snip & Sketch application.

This brief program helps students gain the proficiency needed to:

  • open and use applications
  • navigate between and within applications
  • manage files
  • get information from the internet
  • share files and information on a PC with Windows 10 installed
  • customize and maintain the Windows operating system

Both Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office 365 are continually updated. Specific features and functionality of Microsoft Office vary depending on the user’s account, computer setup, and other factors. This edition of the Getting Started with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge courseware was developed using features available in the 2019 version of Office Online and Office 365.

Getting Started with Windows® 10 and Microsoft® Edge

Copyright: 2016

Authors Faithe Wempen and Lisa A. Bucki

Students need to learn the fundamental features and functionalities of Windows 10 to become proficient users. Through interactive activities and assessments, they can chart their performance and build a plan to help them master the skills. Also includes coverage on OneDrive and OneNote.

With Paradigm’s Getting Started with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, your students will learn the essentials of the new (and world’s most popular) operating system and web browser. This courseware teaches students how to use Windows 10 to accomplish basic tasks on a personal computer, such as running programs and managing files, as well as how to customize and maintain Windows. It also introduces them to the Microsoft Edge browser and shows them how to find information on the Internet. Your students will also learn how to access OneDrive, a secure online storage location, and how to use Office Online apps.

Courseware Features

  • Pairs well with any of Paradigm’s Microsoft application titles.
  • Supplements cover available updates: Bundle with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • SNAP 2016 develops students’ understanding of email systems through hands-on practice, activities, and more.