Digital Platforms

Paradigm’s digital solutions enrich students’ learning experiences and simplify course management for instructors.


SNAP web-based training and assessment program accelerates student success in Microsoft® Office. Students get real-world experience working directly in the Microsoft software, and instructors get a suite of powerful tools at their fingertips. Through real-time analytics, instructors get instant performance insight on their students’ work, and students can identify their challenges to define their own individual learning paths to success. Learn more.


Paradigm’s Navigator+ learning management system for health careers courseware provides a rich practice environment to strengthen students’ skills and knowledge. Instructors can access student work, track progress, download results, and more using this time-saving system. Learn more.

Paradigm Keyboarding Online Lab

The Paradigm Keyboarding Online Lab is a web-based keyboarding tutor and learning management system (LMS) application. The Online Lab gives students access to their course activities from any web-connected, Windows-based computer. Instructors also have access to all student work and scores by launching and logging into the Online Lab. Learn more.


Digital delivery of content is essential for today’s students. They require eBooks that give them the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Paradigm’s eBooks are a convenient solution for students–plus they’re easy to use! Create an account on our eBook platform now.

Coming Soon: Check the Status of Paradigm’s Platfoms

To continue improving students’ and instructors’ experiences using these digital platforms, we’re launching a platform status page. This will allow you to view system updates, server status, incidents, and scheduled maintenance for each of Paradigm’s digital platforms. You’ll also be able to subscribe to automatic updates containing this information.