Our educational technology enhances the learning experience, drives skill proficiency, and simplifies course management.

The next-generation learning solution for Microsoft Office 365 and computer concepts

Cirrus seamlessly delivers complete course content in a cloud-based learning environment that puts students on the fast-track to success on Day One and beyond.

Rising above status quo training and assessment platforms, Cirrus delivers a personalized digital learning experience, providing a suite of tools to help students develop skills mastery.

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The learning management system that prepares students for healthcare certifications and careers

Paradigm’s Navigator+ learning management system for health careers courseware provides a rich practice environment to strengthen students’ skills and knowledge.

Instructors can access student work, track progress, download results, and more using this time-saving system.

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The new frontier of accounting education

Studies show that students often skip doing the out-of-class reading that’s required before lectures begin. Now, there’s a learning solution that incentivizes accounting students to do their pre-class work.

The AME Engage technology platform and its corresponding accounting courseware flips the classroom, challenging students to complete pre-class tutorials and allowing educators to track their progress.

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The virtual, customizable career center that accelerates individuals’ employment success

JIST Gateway provides a suite of tools, including assessments, videos, and eBooks, that guides students and adults in career exploration, job seeking, soft skill development, and the achievement of fundamental financial literacy and life skills.

JIST Gateway provides immediate feedback and automated grading and assessment scoring. This allows clients and students—plus the professionals and educators advising them—to save time and gain valuable insight quickly.

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