About the Course Navigator

The LMS for today’s healthcare courses

Many of Paradigm’s health careers textbooks now include access to the Course Navigator learning management system to strengthen student comprehension and ease course management.

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An engaging experience for students

With the Course Navigator, your students receive hands-on learning to prepare for health careers through:

  • Online practice and study aids
  • Student-practice and instructor-controlled assessments
  • Calculation and certification exam practice problems
  • Flash cards and games
  • Quizzes and end-of-chapter exercises
  • Access to the EHR Navigator, giving students realistic EHR practice

A time-saving solution for instructors

You can access students’ work, track progress, and download results using automated tools that will boost your efficiency. Students’ results are automatically uploaded into the grade book to save you time.

Unparalleled experience and support

We develop our teaching tools to meet the ever-changing needs of instructors and students. Plus we provide 24/7 on-site technical support.