TOSA Certification Course for Microsoft Word

By integrating TOSA (Test On Software Applications) pre- and post-assessments within the Cirrus™ learning environment, we provide students with real-world opportunities to build and test their Word skills though live-in-the-application exercises, projects, and testing moments.

Unlike with simulations, CirrusTM and TOSATM is the only standard to assess and certify Microsoft applications proficiency with a score that measures proficiency from beginner to expert.

*Available for Microsoft Word 2019 and 2016

TOSA Certification

Benchmark Series: Microsoft Word 365, 2019 Edition

This courseware is designed for students who want to learn how to use the powerful word processing program to create professional looking documents for school, work, and personal communication needs.

From adding graphics and visual elements to enhance written communication, to planning and researching documents, students will become proficient in using Word to organize, analyze, and present information.

Benchmark Series: Microsoft Word 2016

With this courseware, students build mastery skills in Word 2016. Students receive step-by-step instructions in creating, formatting and maintaining databases to report and analyze information. A three-level instructional approach moves students from initial modeling of skills to guided application in projects-based exercises to independent problem solving in realistic workplaces.