Science for the New Millennium

About the Courseware

Pages: 490 (text) 341 (lab manual) | Copyright: 2017

Author: Ellyn Daugherty

Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium, Second Edition teaches the latest concepts and hands-on lab procedures required for entry-level careers in the rapidly-growing biotechnology industry. The courseware includes:

  • Thorough coverage of the concepts and processes of biotechnology research and manufacturing in the areas of pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial products, and instrumentation
  • Discussion of genomics, bioinformatics, microarrays, and proteomics, as well as biotechnological advances in drug discovery, gene therapy, plant based pharmaceuticals, forensics, and horticulture
  • Sidebars on bioethics, current events, regulations, emergent trends, and research techniques
  • Substantial presentation of the business side of biotechnology, including opportunities and careers in academic, industrial, and regulatory biotechnology
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What's new

New for the 2nd edition

  • Revised and updated content that addresses current scientific methods and developments
  • New and revised sections and projects
  • Updated statistics, figures, and photographs
  • New and improved laboratory activities
  • Updated materials lists and lab procedures
  • New online activities and websites

Courseware Features

Biotech Careers explore career options in the exciting field
of Biotechnology

Learn to Speak Biotech teaches key terms with pronunciations and margin definitions

Thinking Like a Biotechnician places students in realistic situations and asks them to solve problems

Bioethics Activities consider implications of
biotechnological advances for individuals and society

Biotech Online web-based activities expand students’

Biotech Live activities require Web research, writing, creating charts, and hands-on lab work


Lab Manual features

The accompanying Lab Manual teaches the tools and techniques for working in a biotechnology facility.

  • Addresses key topics, including protein isolation and analysis, DNA synthesis, recombinant DNA and transformations, cell culture, and DNA sequencing.
  • Focuses on the strategies and methods required to design experiments, analyze the data, and apply the results, and emphasizes laboratory safety procedures, including cleanup, storage, and disposal.
  • Builds problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills required in job settings.

Instructor Resources

Instructor’s Guide and eBook with digital resources, including EXAMVIEW® Assessment Suite

Course Planner and eBook

Comprehensive Lesson Plans, including guidelines for structuring an introductory biotechnology course, pedagogical resources, and complete lesson plans and models

Author support

Lab Kits

Through our partnership with G-Biosciences, we offer laboratory kits (The rAmylase Project kits) for a turn-key biotechnology laboratory curriculum. Paired with the Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium text and lab manual the curriculum is powerful and flexible.

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