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This textbook has been adapted and modified from OpenStax by panOpen

This interactive course content is ideal for one-semester human anatomy and physiology courses taught within allied health and life sciences programs. Content is organized by body system and covers standard scope and sequence requirements.

A variety of tools engage students and reinforce key concepts, including:

  • learning objectives
  • essential questions
  • images and interactive diagrams
  • summative chapter quizzes
  • career features
  • links to external learning tools

Using panOpen, you can adapt and customize this material in real-time to fit your course needs and learning objectives.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Human Body

Chapter 2: The Chemical Level of Organization

Chapter 3: Cells and Tissues

Chapter 4: The Integumentary System

Chapter 5: The Skeletal System

Chapter 6: The Muscular System

Chapter 7: The Nervous System

Chapter 8: Special Senses

Chapter 9: The Endocrine System

Chapter 10: The Cardiovascular System: Blood

Chapter 11: The Cardiovascular System: The Heart and Blood Vessels

Chapter 12: The Lymphatic System

Chapter 13: The Respiratory System

Chapter 14: The Digestive System, Metabolism, and Nutrition

Chapter 15: The Urinary System and Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance

Chapter 16: The Reproductive System

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