About the Courseware

Pages: 864 | Copyright: 2018

Author(s): Jan Davidson, Lambton College; and Jan Marrelli

Advanced Microsoft® Excel 2016 provides in-depth coverage of Excel that supports upper-level business and financial courses. Its comprehensive content is presented in a unique combination of brief introductory text, lists highlighting key information, marginal features, and step-by-step application exercises that give students an opportunity to apply new knowledge as they acquire it.

Students will build mastery in the skills needed for Microsoft Office Specialist and Expert Certifications for Excel 2016. They will go even further to plan, define, create, modify, and use spreadsheets that clearly present information and solve specific financial problems.

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1. Preparing an Excel Workbook
2. Entering Formulas and Inserting Functions
3. Applying Formatting to Data
4. Inserting Visual Elements and Modifying Page Setup
5. Managing Workbooks
6. Working with Charts and Hyperlinks
7. Creating Tables and Using Them to Manage Data
8. Creating Using PivotTables and PivotCharts to Analyze Data
9. Using Advanced Formulas and Function
10. Using Financial Functions and Analysis Features
11. Working with Subtotals, Outlines, Groups, and Advanced Formatting
12. Calculating and Analyzing Business Data
13. Exporting and Importing Data
14. Sharing a Workbook
15. Automating Repetitive Tasks and Customizing Excel


Courseware Features

  • On the Job Scenarios describe business and financial situations used in tasks throughout the chapter.
  • Precheck quizzes allow students to check current skills and understanding before starting chapter work.
  • Tutorials are short, step-by-step videos showing how to use Excel features and tools.
  • Know This communicates key information in clear, concise bullet points to facilitate easy learning and immediate recall.
  • On the Job Tasks guide students step-by-step through the application of spreadsheet and data analysis skills to solve realistic problems for the business introduced in the On the Job Scenario.
  • Recheck quizzes enable students to determine how their understanding has improved after completing chapter work.
  • Assessments, including an Integrated Capstone Challenge - a comprehensive, open-ended portfolio assignment that tests mastery of the Excel features and data analysis tools taught throughout the course.
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SNAP 2016

SNAP is a web-based training and assessment platform that accelerates student success in Microsoft Office. Students get real-world experience working directly in the Microsoft software and instructors get a suite of powerful tools at their fingertips. Through real-time analytics, instructors get instant performance insight on their students' work, and students can identify their challenges to define their own individual learning paths to success.

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SNAP features
  • Students with real-world experience working directly in the live Microsoft Office application.
  • Rich content, a sophisticated grade book, and robust scheduling and analytics tools.
  • Easy access to the student eBook, quizzes, video tutorials, study tools, and review exercises and assessments.
  • Automatic scoring and detailed feedback on the program's many exercises and assessments to help identify areas where additional support is needed, evaluating student performance at both the individual and course level.
  • Powerful instructor tools, granting instant access to performance metrics and reporting tools so they can focus on teaching.
  • LTI capabilities to integrate with popular learning management systems.


Instructor eResources

A suite of tools and information in SNAP 2016 and in Instructor eResources eBook packages help instructors easily and effectively build and manage their courses.

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  • Teaching and learning tools for course delivery, assessment, and content management.
  • Tools like course-planning guidelines, syllabus models, lesson plans with teaching hints and activities, PowerPoint presentations, model answers and rubrics, exam item banks, and Microsoft Office Specialist and Specialist Expert objectives
    alignment charts.
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