About Paradigm

We are one of the nation’s leading providers of learning technology for developing job-readiness skills in computer technology, health careers, and business technology.

Innovating education for more than six decades

We are committed to elevating student success and instructor efficiency with innovative course content for success in today’s classroom, at work, and in life.

We believe students learn most effectively through intuitive, engaging, and interactive courseware. Our exceptional instruction, training, and assessment helps students master core content and strengthen their skills.

Our commitment to service

In addition to innovative, outcome-driven courseware, we provide in-service training from account advisors to help implement our programs and Technology for Teachers Workshops presented by authors and curriculum experts to enhance instructors’ skills. We also provide a guarantee that our textbooks will meet or exceed manufacturing standards and specifications established by the National Association of State Textbook Administrators.

Customer and technical support

We develop our teaching tools to meet the ever-changing needs of instructors and students. Plus, we provide 24/7 technical support to ensure instructors and students experience a smooth, seamless transition to our courseware.

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