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Paradigm is pleased to announce the release of Navigator+, a new and enhanced version of Paradigm’s Course Navigator learning management system.

See below to learn more about Navigator+ and browse its compatible courseware.

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Instructor feedback significantly shaped the development of Navigator+, resulting in a system that empowers instructors to build and manage courses more efficiently than ever. New features and improvements include:

  • LTI connectivity and LMS compatibility
  • New courses built within minutes
  • An improved and contemporary interface
  • Reorganized instructor resources—easier to find, use, and navigate
  • Updated content
  • Onboarding support through live webinars and video tutorials

See below for additional features and benefits of Navigator+.


Key Features and Benefits

Navigator+ strengthens student comprehension and eases course management for instructors. Students experience hands-on learning through a variety of activities, including online practice, study aids, exercises, and student-practice exams. Instructors can access students’ work, track progress, and download results using automated tools to boost efficiency.

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LTI connectivity and LMS compatibility

Instructors can easily integrate all Navigator+ content into their current LMS using the latest LTI connectivity.

All student work is instantly captured and reported, while grades are seamlessly updated into the school’s LMS. Instructors can create, delete, modify, and schedule assignments.

Streamlined organization and a contemporary interface

The improved navigation empowers instructors to easily find and access comprehensive tools for course planning and management.

The chapter-by-chapter organizational structure allows students to quickly find what they need, so they can easily dive into studying, skill-building, and submitting their work.

Single environment experience

Students can conveniently access all course content from one platform—breaking down common barriers to learning anytime, anywhere.

Plus, everything instructors need to plan and manage their course is right at their fingertips, including a gradebook, syllabus models, exam banks, PowerPoints, teaching tips, and grading rubrics. Exercises and tests are automatically graded with results importing directly into the gradebook.

Tools and resources for varied learning styles

Visual. Auditory. Kinesthetic. Instructors are challenged with finding courseware that meets the needs of all these learning styles. Navigator+ provides study tools to suit each style to accelerate skill development.

Emphasis on learning hard skills and soft skills

Paradigm courseware provides opportunities for students to practice both hard skills (such as calculations, data analysis, activities, and reading comprehension) and soft skills (such as activities and information on professionalism, communication skills, and problem solving).

Navigator+ takes students beyond standard textbook instruction and gives them hands-on practice with realistic online tools that develop these skills. These tools closely resemble the professional software they’ll soon be using in professional practice.

Compatible Courseware

Navigator+ is now available to all instructors and students using the following courseware:

  • Certification Exam Preview for Pharmacy Technicians, Fourth Edition
  • Deciphering Procedural Coding 2017
  • Deciphering Procedural Coding 2018
  • Exploring Electronic Health Records, Second Edition
  • Introduction to Health Information Management, First Edition
  • Medical Terminology: Connecting through Language, First Edition
  • Navigating ICD-10 Coding 2018
  • Pharmacology Essentials for Allied Health, First Edition
  • Pharmacology for Technicians, Sixth Edition
  • Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians, Sixth Edition
  • Pharmacy Labs for Technicians, Third Edition
  • Pharmacy Practice for Technicians, Sixth Edition
  • Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique, First Edition
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