Certification Matters. Here’s Why.

By Michelle Estes, EdD, ET, ABD, Director of Professional Learning at Paradigm Education Solutions; and Selena Hicks, Marketing and Communications Manager at Paradigm Education Solutions

As a lifelong learner and a Business Information Technology Instructor, earning certifications is always on my mind. Providing an opportunity for my students to become certified is even more important to me.

Many educators and students are unaware of the benefits of certification. Studies show that individuals who possess certification are considered well-qualified and serious about their career by employers and industry peers. Certification can also help individuals achieve good jobs, advance their careers, and add stability to their professional goals.

That’s just scratching the surface of the benefits of certification. Let’s further explore how earning certifications can impact you and your students.

Provides a Stamp of Approval

Certifications tell employers and co-workers that the professionals who possess them are qualified. It offers validation to employers that individuals have achieved the highest standards of education and credentialing in the field.

Prompts Job Offers

When pursuing employment opportunities, job seekers must demonstrate to employers that they possess the skills required to perform jobs. Providing evidence of certification achievement is a powerful way to do just that. Rather than taking a leap of faith and assuming potential candidates possess the skills they say they have, employers can gain confidence that new hires are highly-skilled if they have certification.

Increases Earnings

Certifications don’t just separate job candidates starting out; they also demonstrate that individuals are committed to their professions and are willing to invest in their futures. That’s why employers are more likely to invest in new hires and employees who hold a certification. According to, there are a wide range of professions that are at least getting a 25 percent pay increase after earning a certification.

Keeps Skills Current

One of the most important reasons to earn a certification is that it helps individuals stay ahead of the competition. To succeed in a career, it is important to stay current in all the technologies that are part of the profession or industry. It is important to continue learning and upskilling to become and remain an asset to employers.

Now that you know why earning a certification is important, it’s time to take the next steps toward pursuing one for you and your students. Paradigm is here to help. Through a strategic partnership, Paradigm is enhancing its Cirrus™ learning environment with Isograd’s skills-based assessments to provide a TOSA certification course for Microsoft Excel.

Available this January, Paradigm’s TOSA certification course for Microsoft Excel will be seamlessly integrated into Cirrus, the only cloud-based training and assessment solution in the post-secondary market that allows students to work live in Microsoft Office applications. Learn more.

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