5 Ways eLearning Fosters Professional Growth

5 Ways eLearning Fosters Professional Growth

By Michelle Estes, EdD, ET, ABD Director of Professional Learning at Paradigm Education Solutions

Have you ever had a time in your career that you knew you had to gain new skills and you did not know where to turn? I had a pivotal point in my own career when I was told that I needed to continue my education to stay in the teaching profession. What did that mean for me? I decided to embrace the eLearning community!

With eLearning as an option, I was able to continue my education, earn a higher degree, gain the skills necessary to continue teaching, and earn certifications all on my own terms. It all started with an employer that cared about my future and provided the time and resources for me to improve my skills that ultimately inspired me to go into a teaching career over the last two decades.

Technology is ever-changing and eLearning is a powerful pathway for keeping up with demands that are constantly changing. It is important that we seek advice from experts on how we can stay current in our skills and keep our career options open. eLearning can help.

Ryan Ayers, a senior content writer for eLearning industry, shares 5 Ways eLearning Helps Professionals Gain New Skills and Career Options:

1. eLearning Makes Upskilling Easier

When I needed to expand my skills, I was fortunate to have an employer that provided me upskilling opportunities through a variety of eLearning training courses. In addition to taking these courses, I was encouraged to teach in other disciplines so I would be well-versed in a variety of subject areas. These opportunities provided me a better career path and assisted me in finding my passion for teaching business technology courses.

2. eLearning Helps You Earn Certifications

In many professions, especially with technology, certifications are becoming more important to employers. At the start of my career, the Microsoft Office Specialist was a prominent certification to receive in my profession and I was fortunate to have an employer that allowed me to take eLearning classes to earn my certifications while at work. This was a great opportunity for me to improve my skills. Also, it provided validation that I had the skills necessary for the job.

3. eLearning Promotes Innovation

Employees are happier and more energized when they are placed in an environment that encourages learning. As a lifelong learner, having eLearning articles at my fingertips helps me stay abreast of technology and learn best practices.

4. eLearning Provides Flexibility 

Online training provides opportunities for flexibility and productivity. I have been fortunate to continue my education and take online professional development courses throughout my career. With the flexibility that eLearning has provided me, I have been able to work full-time and still accomplish my educational goals and improve my skills.

5. eLearning Helps Educators Meet Evolving Demands

As an online educator, I have had to embrace the fast-paced world of eLearning more than ever. With the use of online digital solutions, I have been able to prepare my students for their future careers and provide relevant content they will need to know in the workplace.

In summary, we should all embrace eLearning and take full advantage of all the education we have available to us. Just as it has been for me over the last few decades, today’s generation of students desire learning environments that build their confidence and skills to better prepare them for careers. With the help of eLearning, anything is possible.

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