Paradigm and Chegg Partner to Make Courseware More Affordable for College Students

ST. PAUL, Minn. (July 11, 2018) — Today, Paradigm Education Solutions, a leading provider of courseware for computer technology and health careers, announced a new partnership with Chegg to provide more affordable course materials to millions of students throughout the United States.

Beginning this fall, Paradigm’s most popular learning solutions for Microsoft® Office, pharmacy technician and health careers courses will be available within Chegg’s rental program serving more than 7,600 campuses nationwide. Print and eBook versions of Paradigm’s courseware will be available to rent online or in-store through trusted retailers for students seeking cost-effective, high-quality course materials.

Paradigm’s partnership with Chegg marks a significant step in Paradigm’s ongoing mission to eliminate obstacles that hinder students’ success.

“Today’s students—and the families supporting them—are especially mindful about the rising costs of education. We’re thrilled to better support these learners by offering a more affordable option for accessing the instruction and information that is essential to their success,” said Scott Burns, vice president at Paradigm Education Solutions.

While preparing for the upcoming release of Microsoft® Office 2019 and expanding its learning solutions for health careers and accounting, Paradigm anticipates adding more titles to the Chegg rental program within the upcoming year.

“Paradigm’s partnership with Chegg underscores how forward-thinking publishers see the value of making their materials available at a lower cost, to more students, through our rental program. They share our commitment to giving students access to cost-effective learning solutions to lead them to job success,” said Nathan Schultz, chief learning officer at Chegg.


Paradigm Education Solutions is one of the nation’s leading providers of courseware in computer technology, health careers, accounting and business technology. Paradigm is committed to providing instructors with solutions for building and delivering successful courses and preparing students with the knowledge and skills needed for academic and career success. Visit for more information.


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