Paradigm releases Emergency & Disaster Preparedness for Health Professionals to help medical personnel, systems and communities get ready

ST. PAUL, Minn. (November 9, 2017) – This year has proven how much our nation, healthcare systems and communities need to prepare for emergencies and disasters. Hurricanes, floods, fires, mass shootings and infectious diseases have tested the resilience of individuals and communities. These events have also tested the emergency and disaster readiness plans and the response resources of federal, state and local agencies, and the nation’s healthcare system. Healthcare professionals and facilities, government agencies and nonprofit organizations must be well-educated and sufficiently-trained in emergency and disaster preparedness to collaborate, cooperate and act efficiently and effectively in times of crisis.

To fulfill that need, Paradigm Education Solutions recently released Emergency & Disaster Preparedness for Health Professionals, Second Edition, by Linda Young Landesman, DrPH, MSW, a premier expert in the field of emergency management. Emergency & Disaster Preparedness is a comprehensive courseware program that provides emergency management education and training for healthcare professionals. The program consists of a printed textbook, an interactive eBook with dynamic video links, add-on eChapters and instructional support materials.

To effectively respond in any emergency or disaster, it is essential that all responders at the government, nonprofit, business and healthcare level fully understand the federal and state structures, chain of command, terminology, requirements and expectations. Emergency & Disaster Preparedness provides this instruction, plus extensive web links for additional resources. It includes:

  • comprehensive emergency management and its four phases
  • the National Response Framework and National Incident Management System
  • requirements for an Emergency Operations Plan
  • challenges for healthcare systems
  • what healthcare professionals can do to prepare
  • and much more

The Emergency & Disaster Preparedness courseware also incorporates vivid photos and case studies of several events, such as Hurricane Katrina, the Boston Marathon bombings and the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. These case studies, photos and illustrations place students in the midst of real-world disasters and recovery efforts, adding authenticity to the reader experience and underscoring the “lessons learned” from each crisis.

The need for emergency and disaster preparedness increases each day and requires unique responses from health professionals. In addition to providing a foundation of emergency operations, Emergency & Disaster Preparedness also offers add-on eChapters that highlight the responsibilities of specific healthcare professionals. The first eChapter, titled “Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians,” will be released in January 2018 and will focus on the role of pharmacy personnel during a crisis. Also planned are eChapters specific to health information specialists and hospital personnel.

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