How to save your students money!

Did you know 86% of college students buy physical (new and used) textbooks, as opposed to renting, downloading, or borrowing courseware?

Of those students, 82% purchase from the campus store and 40% purchase on Amazon.  However, only 7% of students are buying from publishers’ websites. Is this number low because students are not aware that they are able to buy directly from publishers, because it is easier to walk to the campus bookstore, or because they think bookstores will give them the best price?

According to Covering the Cost, the cost of college textbooks has increased by 73%, since 2006. Paradigm Education Solutions is committed to student learning, and we hear students’ pleas about the high costs of courseware. We are on the roof top shouting, “Paradigm can save your students money!”

How is Paradigm saving students money?

By offering competitive pricing solutions. Students can order courseware directly from and pay less than they would from the school bookstore. By eliminating the middleman, we can offer a cost savings and help alleviate the burden of today’s increasing education costs. And, we make it simple for students to buy online from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

How does it work?

Instructors work directly with their Paradigm Account Manager to select courseware and then Paradigm establishes a course-specific microsite. Instructors simply share the microsite’s URL and discount code with their students. Students purchase only what they need at the best price possible.

At Paradigm, we have a strong commitment to serve students and educators, and this includes decreasing financial barriers to students. We have been innovating education for more than six decades and pledge to create flexible courseware options for today’s students.

Contact your Paradigm Account Manager to learn more about setting up a microsite for your students and course today!

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