See How Keyboarding Proficiency Brings Value to Learners

See How Keyboarding Proficiency Brings Value to Learners

In today’s digital world, many employers expect strong keyboarding skills as part of a prospective employee’s basic skillset. According to, employees are expected to be capable of typing an average of 65 words per minute (WPM). On the extreme end of the spectrum, Court Reporters must be able to type around 225 WPM and use a special keyboard called a stenotype to achieve these speeds. Fortunately, special training is provided for those who choose this career path.

Your students may tell you, “Sure, I’ve got keyboarding skills! I’ve been on a computer for years now!” But as employers are noting, many students aren’t career ready when it comes to keyboarding. As educators, it’s on us to make sure students have the in-demand skills needed to enter the work world. You can help students discover the value of becoming proficient with their keying:

  • Through a wide variety of hands-on opportunities to execute touch-typing skills so they can master their keyboarding skills.
  • By providing automated, immediate feedback so they improve their skills and build good habits.
  • By encouraging better keying habits, like correct finger positioning, reaches, ergonomic positioning of the wrists, and good posture. And by noting that this will preserve their health later in life.
  • By taking their attention away from searching for a key and instead directing their cognitive skills toward problem solving.

Courses in computer keyboarding teach and reinforce vital skills students will thank themselves (and you) for later. An instructor armed with courseware that emphasizes these values will be sure to get their students career ready!
A course in computer keyboarding provides:

    • Hands-on experience and touch-typing skills
    • Ergonomic and successful keying guidance
    • Correct finger positioning and reaches for all keys

If you are interested in learning more about a streamlined and contemporary approach to mastering lifelong keyboarding skills, check out Paradigm Keyboarding, Seventh Edition, and Online Lab.

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