Health Careers: A Growing Industry


Nearly one in 11 U.S. jobs is in the health care field, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics. Employment in the health care field has grown significantly in recent years and will likely continue to grow.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care occupations will add more jobs than any other group of occupations over the next 25 years. Over that timeframe, the growth rate is projected to be 19%, faster than average for most industries.

In the six years after the recession, health care added 2.1 million jobs to the economy—more than the education, leisure and hospitality, and professional services industries combined. We can thank the aging population and federal health insurance reform for this need and growth.

If you are encouraging individuals into a career in the health industry, make sure they understand what’s required to become work ready. Experts agree that those requirements are patience, practice, and critical thinking skills. There is also a large emphasis on professional and soft skills in the workplace, including cultural competency.

There are many occupations those interested in health care can pursue. Health careers don’t always take place in a medical room, but can be behind the scenes as well. Be sure you are working with your students to understand their interests, abilities, and motivators. They will help students find the right health career, acquire the necessary skills, and succeed on the job!

What health career occupations do you think are growing the most?

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