STEM, EdTech, and Your Students’ Success

STEM, EdTech, and Your Students’ Success

There is a growing demand for a focus on education technology in schools. According to, 96% of educators believe that edtech increases student engagement in learning. Even though the desire is there, we know time, access, and money limit an educator’s ability to use technology tools.

Yet, technology impacts our daily lives and students need digital literacy skills to be successful in the ever-changing, technology-driven world. As the job market becomes more competitive, having these skills taught in the classroom will increase students’ success, making them work ready!

One way we can encourage digital literacy and the use of edtech is through STEM courses. Exposure to technology in a structured classroom setting will increase comprehension and mastery as students experience adaptive learning and skills-focused learning moments. From 2010 to 2020, STEM jobs are projected to increase by over 35% from 26 million to 35.2 million*. The “T” for technology is a big focus because, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of STEM jobs will be in computing by 2020. However, fewer than half of the school districts count computer science courses toward graduation requirements. That’s only one in four schools providing students a structured education in computer science. Digital literacy and technology skills like keyboarding, computer concepts, and Microsoft Office skills can give your students the advantages they need to secure careers.

Of course students need technology skills to go into computing, but these skills are needed in all careers, and where better to get the knowledge than through STEM programs and technology tools!

How do you link education technology and STEM options for your students?

*U.S. Department of Labor

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