Essential Administration Skills for Career Success


Posted by Lynda Ernst

Administrative professionals work in many industries from health, legal to technology, and they hold different responsibilities within each field. Besides the differences, most administrative professionals share a similar set of basic office skills in order to maintain a successful career.

According to the January 2015 issue of Administrative Professional Today, one way to kick your career up a notch for the new year is cultivate these five administration skills:

  1. Tech savvy. Take classes and stay up-to-date on the latest software updates and apps.
  2. Finesse in interpersonal interactions. Build a positive relationships with your coworkers and boss, and don’t play favorites.
  3. Discretion. Confidentiality is essential, so treat all the information in the workplace with care and caution.
  4. Multitasking. Improve your organizational expertise, and be comfortable multi-tasking on several high priority items at the same time with frequent interruptions.
  5. Mind-reading. Understand the needs of the people you support and addressed them before being asked.

As a professor for 30 years in the Office Administration and Technology Department at South Central College, I can attest that these skills are essential to be successful in an office career. Some other guidelines I think are needed to be a successful and valued employee include:

  1. Learn new things quickly
  2. Practice good time management
  3. Work independently
  4. Work as a team-player
  5. Have strong written and verbal communication skills
  6. Comprehend, analyze, and interpret information

What administrative skills do you think are necessary to maintain a successful career?

Legal Editing and Proofreading by Lynda Ernst and Sue Kolbinger
– Administrative Professional Today January 2015 issue
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