Computer Concepts

Paradigm’s courseware helps students develop the tech skills required for the modern workforce by enabling them to become more efficient, productive, and creative employees.

Computers: Understanding Technology, Sixth Edition

Through a competency-based, objective-driven approach, students master concepts on the newest versions of hardware and software, networks, and the Internet, as well as programming, security, and ethics. Diverse learning resources, including video tutorials, research articles, and more, meet the unique learning preferences of individual students. Available in comprehensive and brief versions, this program includes coverage of Microsoft® Office 2016 and Windows 10.

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Our Digital World: Introduction to Computing, Fourth Edition

Students master computer concepts by actively participating in the technology they’re learning. Videos, animations, and exercises with interactive hands-on tools give students the opportunity to explore topics rather than just read about them. They can connect with others in order to learn how to use collaborative features such as blogs and wikis, and discover where technology is headed by reading stories from today’s headlines. This fourth edition is a competency based and objective driven.

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