Keyboarding and Applications

Our courseware offers a streamlined and current approach to mastering keyboarding skills. An easy-to-navigate training platform builds students’ skills through a wealth of drills, activities, and varied practice using contemporary documents.

Online Lab for Paradigm Keyboarding

Using a totally web-based learning management system, instructors can easily deliver keyboarding courses, track student performance, and communicate with students! Customize courses and decide which sessions you want to teach and when to teach them.

Features live-in-the-application word processing using Microsoft Word 2016.

Provides immediate feedback on speed and accuracy for all timings and production documents.

Paradigm Keyboarding:
1-30, Seventh Edition

Ease of use is key to your students’ success. Keyboarding skills are introduced, developed, and continually reinforced. In Sessions 1-30, students are drilled on new keys and move from keying letters to words to sentences.

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Paradigm Keyboarding & Applications I: Sessions 1-60
using Microsoft® Word 2016

Sessions 31-33 focus on building keyboarding skills and Sessions 34-60 teach students Microsoft Word 2016 skills such as how to create memos, emails, letters, reports, manuscripts, and tables.

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Paradigm Keyboarding & Applications II: Sessions 61-120 using Microsoft® Word 2016

In sessions 61-120, students develop skills in Microsoft Word 2016 such as creating memos, emails, letters, tables, business reports, manuscripts, business publications, and graphics and imagery. Also provided are simulated workplace exercises for additional practice.

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